We have conquered over $200,000 in debt ourselves, and now have developed a PLAN that will empower you to find your FREEDOM in your finances and eliminate your debt for good.


We have conquered over $200,000 in debt ourselves, and now have developed a PLAN that will empower you to find your FREEDOM in your finances and eliminate your debt for good.

Does getting out of debt feel impossible?

The weight of excessive debt can be overwhelming, depressing, and be the cause many sleepless nights for you or your family. Our Debt Free, Live Free Program is a step-by-step plan to help you power through debt. You can transform your finances, and you can start today. A carefree and abundant life filled with happiness is possible!


When we’ve hit rock bottom moments (financially), why we had to pause our debt payoff, and a few tips of how to turn your finances around in the midst of uncertainty.

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Learn to Budget

Learn budgeting basics, & understand why a budget is necessary. You work too hard to not know where you money is going. 

Discover New Income

Learn how to add extra income in your household budget without spreading yourself too thin. 

Pay Off Debt

Become a DEBT SLAYER and start living the life you were meant to LIVE!



Answering any questions you may have and give you customized support and feedback.


Led by your two coaches (Melissa & Murphy) that will equip you and give you the resources needed to become a Debt Slayer!


This gives you unlimited access to the powerful program material.


To help you give a name to each dollar and put you on track to winning in your FINANCES.


Give you access to an exclusive group full of hope, mentorship, and accountability.

+ over 100 hours of content


“After hearing Mel and Murph’s debt journey story, it made us realize that there’s hope and possibility of living debt free. Prior to meeting with Mel and Murph we had a system in place, but after consulting with them they helped us set a plan in action. Our idea of paying off debt was only paying off credit cards, but after meeting with them they helped up come up with a more effective plan to tackle our debt. Their system has helped us see exactly where all of our money is going and it’s a great feeling knowing where every dollar goes. This experience has opened our eyes to see all the possibilities of what life will be when we are debt free.”

Maurice & Kathryn

“Before talking with Mel and Murph about finances, my idea of “budgeting” consisted of designating money for bills and then the rest of my income was “free game”. Of course, this meant that I overspent, couldn’t build up my savings, and wasn’t paying off my debt. Seeing Mel and Murph accomplish their financial goals and paying off thousands of dollars of debt in just a few short years had me question if they had something special going that I should ask them about. When I finally acknowledged that I needed to turn things around financially, I knew that Mel and Murph would be open to helping me with no judgement. They had always been excited to share about the tools, methods, and resources that helped them reach their financial goals. When they sat with me to go over my budget, it was fun, thoughtful, and inspiring and I realized the importance of actually BUDGETING all my expenses instead of just factoring in my bills.

With using a budgeting tool like Every Dollar, I became diligent with tracking my income and expenses and I was able to make large payments on some credit card debt when I didn’t think that was possible before. Mel and Murph were available and supportive to help guide me through the process and I’m so grateful for their encouragement. I’m in the beginning of my steps toward financial freedom but I have hope and excitement in meeting my goals when I didn’t see how it was possible before. Plus, I have been blessed with TWO raises in the few short months that I started this journey and have had random amounts of money show up in various ways! It’s amazing to see God show up for me through the support and guidance that Mel and Murph have given and I can’t wait to experience what happens next!”

Carla F.

I put all my debt in the debt tracker you guys provided for us and reviewed my wants vs needs. It seems like I make enough to support paying off all my debt before the original debt-free date I selected (by 6 months!), by a debt avalanche approach and while making some but not SIGNIFICANT sacrifices… After paying off my first major debt (a private student loan), this feels SO manageable and I have the tools necessary to make it happen! Thanks Fitnfunds aka M&M for your support and guidance!!

Michelle Z.

Thank you for the suggestion to review a few months of your past expenses/budget, Mel and Murph! I am organizing the last 3 months of my finances and it’s really helpful to see what I’m actually bringing in and spending/allocating for my essential household items – especially during this strange time of COVID!

Rachel G.

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