Our Speaking Experiences

Mel and I have gone through a rigorous, exhausting and sacrificial debt free journey.  It taught us so much in regards to self discipline, delaying gratification and has propelled us to change the trajectory of our family tree.  With that said we want to instill hope and inspire others that it is possible to win in your finances, no matter what kind of background you come from.

Speaking allows us to disseminate experiences, tools, and resources to take some from point A to point B.

We love interacting with the audience, hearing people’s stories, answering their questions, sharing our passion and seeing the light bulb moment in people’s faces. 

At Risk Teen Workshop - Financial literacy

Summer 2019 we were elated to teach a teen financial literacy class for at risk teens in our local community. A few areas we covered in the teen financial literacy workshop:
– Cash/Debit Card vs. Credit Card
– Spending vs. Savings
– Earning/Income Basics
– Cost of living in California
– Budgeting Basics
– Mock Budgeting scenarios
– Paying off Debt

Financial Marriage Class

We are proud of our 4 session financial marriage class. Day one consists of Our Story, Your Story, and Your WHY! ⁣ Day two we get into weeds sharing practical steps, resources, and free tools available to you, and where to start. ⁣
– Budgeting Basics! 
⁣- Budgeting Statistics.⁣
⁣- Budgeting Methods.⁣
⁣- Budgeting Steps of Where to Start.⁣
⁣- Budgeting Tips on How to Stay the Course. ⁣

Day three is all about dumping debt. A few areas of paying off debt that we cover: ⁣
– How to Establish a Foundation First⁣⁣⁣
– Debt Payoff Methods⁣⁣
⁣- Five Steps to Create a Debt Payoff Plan⁣⁣
⁣- What to Expect on your Debt Free Journey
⁣- How to Make Extra Income ⁣

Day four we wrap up the four-week Financial Marriage Classes with the fun stuff.
– Giving on your Financial Journey⁣
⁣- Importance of Having an Emergency Fund⁣
⁣- Sinking Funds⁣
– Ways to Invest your Money 

By the end of the class we hope and pray that couples left with a fresh perspective on how having a plan for your money can literally transform your financial future! ⁣

Current and Future Events

We have spoken in various settings. Local community centers, worship centers, and schools among a few.  We are eager for new opportunities to speak and spread hope about debt freedom.  Some of our many wishlist venues are:
Dave Ramsey’s Event
Good Morning America
CNBC Make It
The View
The Budgetnista Podcast/Live Richer Academy
Lewis Howes Podcast
Sunny Lenarduzzi

Reach as high as you can dream for forward momentum. Putting our goals out into the world is an exciting prospect and we hope to hear from you soon!


His and Her Money Podcast

Winning To Wealth Podcast

Becoming the Lender Podcast

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