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Knowledge is important. Use these calculators to gain more insight into your debt. 

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Side hustles and expense tracking is important when working your way out of debt. Here are some of our best suggestions and free tools we highly recommend. 

Expense Tracker

The budget becomes a contract between the two of us.  We agree not to spend more than we have set-up in our zero-based budget.  No budget is perfect so, it is okay to move money to different categories through the process. A budget has become our permission to SPEND money, not a restriction.

Holiday Gift Tracker

Taking a moment to mindfully plan who you are giving gifts to and what items or expense you want to devote is a kinder  gift giving experience for both you and your loved ones.  This gives you the power to not overspend, take on more debt, or buy more gifts than needed.  An added bonus, the gift will be more thoughtful, personal, and meaningful for your loved one.  They are worth this time & energy and so are YOU!

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Driving with Uber

UBER is a flexible, and fast way to earn money. It gives you the freedom to set your own schedule in a way that works around your busy life.

Driving with Lyft

Lyft also puts you in control of your hours on the road. There is no commitment, just turn the app on or off at your leisure.

Earn $2,200 guaranteed by driving with Lyft in San Francisco. Apply here, and give 180 rides in 30 days. Terms apply.

Become a dasher with Doordash

Delivery with doordash is another way to earn extra cash without having to pick up people. Especially in the current climate of today’s society, working safely while earning the extra cash you need is a blessing. Pick up food and deliver it with confidence and do it contactless.

Work flexible hours and earn an extra $600 after 280 deliveries.