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A Few Words About Murph & Mel

We’ve been married for a whole decade. No, we don’t have kids yet ! We are an interracial couple who celebrates diversity. We are not perfect and try to keep God first in every area of our lives. As far as the fitness/nutrition aspect of our lives over the last 10-15 years we’ve learned to enjoy the benefits of exercise, eating healthy, and lifting weights. Murph played basketball all through high school and college. Mel played basketball/volleyball in her early high school years and in her college days started working out on a weekly basis.

Over six years ago we had a rock bottom moment in our marriage and finances. At that point in our lives we were taking lavish trips with money we did not have which was supported by our line of credit, using our car payment to go on a vacation, and buying groceries on a credit card. Unbeknownst to us we were drowning in debt and came to our rock bottom moment that enough was ENOUGH! The bleeding had to STOP.  In January 2014 we began our debt free journey with a total of $229,000.00 in debt. Ok this is where you go they had how much???? Yeah you read it right, this daunting amount consisted of you name it student loans, lines of credit, credit cards, medical bills, IRS bills, cars, you name it we had it.  It took Mel the first year to get on board, but once we started to gain momentum in our debt payoff we saw a huge shift in not only our finances, but many other areas of our lives!  One thing that we can express to you is that this journey will transform you in more ways than one!

TODAY, we are 100% DEBT FREE and we believe that through what we’ve learned we provide the tools, resources, accountability, plan, and encouragement to help others to get their finances in order.

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A quote from our section in Destroy Your Student Loan Debt

“When you're in it, sometimes it feels like it will never end, but we're here to tell you that you will get through it. You were created to live a life of freedom! Keep going—your efforts will pay off for many years to come!”


We are here to share our debt free journey, and our passion for helping others with their fitness/financial process. It all started with Dave Ramsey and 220k in debt!

“After hearing Mel and Murph’s debt journey story, it made us realize that there’s hope and possibility of living debt free. Prior to meeting with Mel and Murph we had a system in place, but after consulting with them they helped us set a plan in action. Our idea of paying off debt was only paying off credit cards, but after meeting with them they helped up come up with a more effective plan to tackle our debt. Their system has helped us see exactly where all of our money is going and it’s a great feeling knowing where every dollar goes. This experience has opened our eyes to see all the possibilities of what life will be when we are debt free.”

Maurice & Kathryn